Mailing List Rental

The Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (CSCTFL) has the following policy for the rental of its mailing list:
  1. The list can be rented in printed labels or in an excel file;
  2. The list will be rented on a single-use basis only;
  3. The list will be rented at a cost of $0.10 per label for the whole list or $0.25 per label for subsets of the whole list;
  4. The minimum fee for renting any part of the list is $100.00; and
  5. There will be a processing fee of $20.00 on all orders.
CSCTFL now subscribes to Constant Contact that enables CSCTFL to keep its email addresses up-to-date.  
At this time CSCTFLhas approximately 10,000 addresses in its database that may be rented.
It also has approximately 4,500 email addresses that may be rented. 
If interested in renting the list, please contact the Executive Director, Patrick T. Raven, at