The Paul Simon Award

The Paul Simon Award was established in 1982 and first awarded in 1983. It was modified in 1986 upon the establishment of the Founders Award. The Paul Simon Award may be conferred annually by the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages on an individual or group from outside the language teaching profession that

  • has demonstrated leadership in the promotion of language learning and the international understanding
  • has shown evidence of responding to the recommendations of the 1979 Report of the President's Commission on the Foreign Language and International Studies and has thereby contributed to the cause of world peace
  • has strong ties with one or more of the fourteen Central States, and
  • exemplifies Senator Simon's dedication to and enthusiasm for the areas of language and international studies

Nominations Sought for Paul Simon Award for the Promotion of Language and International Studies

Nominations of a group or organization should include the primary goals of the organization, the relevance of the goals to the profession, a history of the accomplishments of the group or organization, the sphere of influence of the group, the nominator's professional relationship to the group, a resume of the group's director or leader, and support documentation that bears direct relevance to the nomination.

Nominations of an individual should include the candidate's present position and role in the promotion of foreign language and international studies, the ways in which the candidate meets the specific criteria for the award, the capacity in which the nominator has known the candidate, the candidate's current curriculum vitae, and support documentation that bears direct relevance to the nomination.

Nominations for the award must be submitted by members of the Central States Conference Advisory Council. Support documentation should NOT exceed ten pages. Nominations should be submitted electronically to:

Martha Halemba

Applications must be postmarked by December 15, 2017, for consideration.


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